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What is a PAC?

Political action committees (PACs) were created by Congress in 1976 as a legal and transparent means for like-minded citizens to band together for a common purpose to make political contributions to candidates.

What is the Dr Pepper Snapple Political Action Committee (DPS PAC)?

The Dr Pepper Snapple PAC (DPS PAC) is the political action committee for the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.  The DPS PAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that is not affiliated with any political party or candidate and is supported through contributions from DPS employees.  The DPS PAC supports candidates for federal office with views consistent with Dr Pepper Snapple’s positions on key public policy issues.

Why is the DPS PAC important to Dr Pepper Snapple Group?

The DPS PAC is an important tool for supporting the Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s business goals and objectives.  Federal regulations strictly prohibit corporations like Dr Pepper Snapple from making campaign contributions directly to federal candidates.  However, through a PAC, corporations can donate funds to federal candidates.

Dr Pepper Snapple is permitted to fund the administrative costs associated with operating DPS PAC, ensuring that every dollar contributed to the PAC goes directly to candidate contributions.

Why is the DPS PAC important to me?

The DPS PAC is supported by Dr Pepper Snapple employees who make personal contributions for the purpose of making donations to candidates for federal office.  Through the PAC, we can speak with one Dr Pepper Snapple voice so elected officials clearly hear our position on policies that affect our company.  A strong PAC allows us to help shape our future instead of having others do it for us.

Who manages the DPS PAC?

The DPS PAC is managed by a board of directors composed of a cross section of employees across the company. The board meets periodically to discuss legislative issues, fundraising and candidate contributions.  Day-to-day operation of the PAC is managed by the Government Affairs Office.

Who is eligible to participate in the DPS PAC?

Federal law mandates that DPS PAC participants must be U.S. citizens who are executive or administrative employees with policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory duties at DPS. At this time, all BB1-BB6 employees are eligible to participate. These employees may be invited to participate in the DPS PAC at any time.

Hourly employees, unionized employees, foremen or other supervisors of hourly employees, and consultants or contractors are not eligible to participate in the DPS PAC.

How can I become a member of the DPS PAC?

Simply fill out the contribution form on this website.

How much can I contribute? Is there a suggested amount?

Federal law limits the maximum amount that any one contributor can contribute to any PAC. This limit is currently set at $5,000 annually.  You are free to contribute as little as you want, or not at all.

If I select payroll deduction, when will my deductions begin?

Your deduction will show up on your paycheck within 2-3 pay periods.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

No. Your contribution to the PAC is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

Is my contribution private?

All contributions of $200 or more to our and other PACs are a matter of public record and may be reported online by third-party organizations.

How do I discontinue my payroll deduction?

You may discontinue your contribution by contacting Randy Downing at randall.downing@dpsg.com.

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