​​ Dear DPS Employee:

As budget deficits continue to grow, governments at all levels are searching for new sources of funding. More than ever before, our industry is in the crosshairs of local, state and federal policymakers who are seeking to add special taxes to our products.

To ensure that our business and our consumers aren’t affected by these discriminatory taxes on our great products, we must take ACTION. That is why I am inviting you to join me in making a voluntary contribution to the Dr Pepper Snapple Political Action Committee (PAC).  The Dr Pepper Snapple PAC is funded entirely by employee contributions – it is the only way for DPS to support candidates for U.S. Congress who will stand up for our interests in Washington.  Many states also require all campaign contributions to be made through a PAC.

As part of our efforts to build our PAC, we will make a once-a-year appeal to management-level employees for participation. If you took part last year or want to join us this year, complete the contribution form  and:

  1. Arrange for regular payroll contributions in an amount of your choosing, or
  2. Download and complete a registration form to make a one-time contribution by personal check.

We hope you will contribute to enable the Dr Pepper Snapple PAC to support candidates whose interests are aligned with our company and the beverage industry.

Again, contributions to the Dr Pepper Snapple PAC are strictly voluntary. When weighing your participation in these efforts, please keep in mind that the threats posed by beverage taxes and other potentially harmful government policies are real. All beverage industry employees have a stake in the votes and decisions of our elected officials.

If you have any questions about Dr Pepper Snapple PAC, contact Randy Downing, Vice President of Government Affairs, at (913) 940-8135 or randall.downing@dpsg.com. You can also review the frequently asked questions.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Larry D. Young



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