​​​​​Our Core Issues

At the local, state and federal level, the public policies being shaped and implemented can have significant consequences on our ability to operate our business. Each year, legislation or proposals are considered by city councils, county supervisory boards, state assemblies and legislatures and Congress that affect the way we hire and train our staff; use fuel, energy and water; acquire ingredients and materials; and manufacture, sell, market and distribute our brands. Dr Pepper Snapple Group and our industry peers face fights from the council chambers to Capitol Hill to protect our business from government regulations in four key areas:

Beverage Taxes

Proposals to tax sugared beverages are showing up in more state legislative agendas each year, affecting the beverage industry.

Environmental Issues

Recycling initiatives are a proven means of controlling litter and reducing waste; however, some government leaders advocate mandatory deposit programs.

Product Bans

Outlawing the sale of certain products in some communities has become a misguided concern by local governments over environment sustainability or health and wellness.

Packaging Mandates

Environmental health and safety concerns are influencing legislation to tighten regulations on how ingredients and nutritional information are stated on beverage packaging.

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